Why walking is a great fitness activity

jessfit-06Believe it or not, walking is actually a great fitness activity, and it is a great way to lose weight. It is especially good for people who either have injuries or are too old or overweight to get into heavy cardio exercise in their condition. Many doctors believe that walking for an hour is actually a lot better for losing weight than running for a half hour.

It is also great because it is inexpensive. It does not require you to buy any equipment or sign up to the gym. No matter where you live, whether you are in a city or a small town, you can walk. And it does not have to be intense at all. If you can’t walk for half an hour right away, you can break it up into two sessions of 15 minutes and you will see the same results. This also makes it very easy to fit your walks in, no matter how hectic and busy your life and schedule are.

Doctors also said that walking not only helps you lose weight, but it has also been seen to lower your cholesterol, increase the strength of your bones, improve general circulation and decrease the risks of type 2 diabetes.

Walking is great because it can be seen as relaxation, not stress like a regular workout. You can listen to music while you walk at a comfortable pace or catch your latest podcast or listen to an audio book while doing it.

Getting started is very easy as well. You don’t have to overdo it to see initial results. Walking three or four times a week for 20 minutes at a time is enough to see some immediate progress in your health and fitness.

Just like with any mode of physical fitness, the hardest thing about walking is keeping motivated. And just like with any exercise, the best thing to do is to set goals and to track your goals. You can get a pedometer, which is really cheap, and have it track your progress. There are also a lot of great apps for your smartphone which are used by runners and bikers but have settings for walkers too. These apps not only let you track your progress and set your goals, but you can also share your progress with a community of people who are walking all around the world.

jessfit-05Having a walking buddy is also a great idea. Since you are walking and not running, you should have no problem keeping up some kind of a conversation. Also, having someone come with you gives you a reason to walk every day and it makes you not skip out on workouts. Having a buddy to walk with gives you an obligation to not let them down, and this feeling is mutual.

Gradually you should increase both the speed at which you walk and your distance if you want to see maximum results. As you keep losing weight and you reach your goals, you never know, you might even end up turning into a runner eventually.

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